Stupid Politics As Usual To Drive The CISPA Narrative

from the unfortunate dept

Well, this is not too surprising, but it is unfortunate. As the Obama administration has said it would veto CISPA, the House has now turned this into a partisan fight. As with IP issues, I tend to think it's dangerous and stupid when privacy fights become partisan. Once the debate is partisan, it seems to lose all sense of reason and perspective and just degrades into name calling. And there's a chance exactly that is happening with CISPA and other cybersecurity bills, as the Republicans are "daring" the Democrats to support these bills, with the political calculus being that if they don't support these bills and something terrible happens (planes falling from the sky, etc.) that they can then blame the Democrats for being soft on cybercrime. That narrative, of course, ignores the very real privacy concerns that are being raised by a variety of parties. It effectively shifts the entire debate away from finding a real solution, and into a situation where some are pressured to accept a bad solution for the sake of political optics.

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    wvhillbilly (profile), 26 Apr 2012 @ 10:11am


    I wouldn't put it past Obama to sign CISPA, notwithstanding his promise to veto it. After all, he promised not to sign the NDAA with its provision of allowing arrest and indefinite detention of anyone on US soil for any reason and without any due process, then sneaked and signed it on Jan 2 when he probably thought nobody was looking.

    The man is a liar and a sneak and has repeatedly ignored and violated the constitution with executive order after executive order many of which are unconstitutional on their face and all of which usurp the role of the congress.

    I see the USA on a fast track to becoming a police state, and Obama doing everything he can to push it along as fast as he can. IMO,he ought to be impeached and booted out of office. He doesn't even meet the qualifications for president of the United States, and his "birth certificate" has been shown to be a heavily doctored fake.

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