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Hollywood Still Trying To Kill The Golden Netflix Goose

from the incredible-mistake dept

Netflix has made its share of mistakes lately in dealing with its customers, but the company's biggest problem may be that Hollywood is so jealous of its success that it's now seeking to kill off the company's service by refusing to license movies and TV shows to Netflix. This isn't a surprise. We've seen similar stories over the past year or so, but the fact is that Hollywood is so short-sighted that it's trying to hold back the tide, and in the process, causing itself more harm. Netflix isn't "the enemy." It's found a way to offer a good service that many people want and use at a price point that makes sense.

Of course, it's that part that makes Hollywood freak out. They fear the "threat" of new business models that undercut their legacy deals, and that means they want Netflix to boost prices, put even more annoying limitations on use and greatly delay and limit selection—because they stupidly think this will drive more people to the more expensive offerings from the studios themselves. The're wrong. All this does is drive more people to piracy, while killing off one of the few services that was allowed (if briefly) to effectively compete with "piracy" by offering a better overall service.

The problem for Hollywood doesn't appear to be piracy. It looks like it's Hollywood's own fear of piracy that is leading it to make really short-sighted decisions.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Apr 2012 @ 6:53am

    I'd love to see Wal-Mart decide that the industry owes them more per sale and refuse to sell till demands are met. They defiantly have the influence to hurt a product very fast. The only people who don't use Wal-Mart are the rich.

    Bad thing for them since the majority of us are not rich and rely on Wal-Mart for cheap shit made in China. If it breaks who cares take it back you can get a refund for pretty much anything! Well except prepaid phones and dvds even if you decided it was trash you won't be refunded. Don't believe me go try it for yourself.

    I won't even lie when I was younger and broke as hell I relied on Wal-Mart returns as my rental service for tools and shit.

    This is America and if something sucks you get your money back! Unless it's from Mel Gibson, South Park proved he is fucking scary O_O and likes to smear shit on stuff! Anyone else I will demand my money back but I draw the line at Mel Gibson.

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