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by Mike Masnick

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MPAA Pretends Dodd Didn't Say That New SOPA Negotiations Were Underway

from the nice-try-guys dept

So Chris Dodd just said that there were ongoing backroom negotiations for a new SOPA, with some push from the White House. Of course, he did it with a wink and a nod, by saying he was "confident" that such was "the case" but that he wouldn't "go into more detail, because obviously if I do, it becomes counterproductive." When asked to clarify, he made it clear that Obama was pressuring the tech community to agree to a version of SOPA:
I'm not going to revisit the events of last winter. I'll only say to you that I'm confident he's using his good relationships in both communities to do exactly what you and I have been talking about.
For all the winking and nodding, the meaning of the statement was pretty clear. Of course, now that it's getting plenty of attention and the MPAA is getting slammed from every direction for continuing its braindead backroom strategy, the organization is simply denying Dodd said what he said:
"Sen Dodd did not say SOPA is coming back to life. He said the tech and entertainment industries need to come together to work on a new solution and those conversations are beginning. SOPA is gone. The path forward now is a serious conversation between all involved industries about new solutions, and that was Sen Dodd's point."
That's an interesting twist on what he actually said, but even if we take the MPAA at their word, this still shows how out of touch they are. Notice that they say the path forward is not an open conversation with internet users. Nope. It's a backroom negotiation between "all involved industries." It's as if the MPAA can't even get its mind around the fact that the stakeholders here are the internet users -- or that any such discussions should be done in public. Instead, the only thing it can think of is that it has to negotiate in backrooms with industry reps. I don't think I've ever come across an organization so ridiculously tone deaf.

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  1. identicon
    MrWilson, 6 Apr 2012 @ 3:55pm

    Re: Troll Prediction

    I'll get it over with.

    "Mike is ridiculously tone deaf to the absurd arguments of the paid shills who work for rich middlemen. And he's a dirty pirate too!"

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