Dutch Pirate Party Refuses To Shut Down Proxy Service Based On Demand From Anti-Piracy Group

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The Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is somewhat famous for its overreaching efforts. While it succeeded in getting ISPs to block The Pirate Bay's website, it's been going after a bunch of proxy sites that have helped people get around the block. Its latest move may run into some difficulty however. The Dutch Pirate Party has its own proxy offering, and BREIN is demanding they turn it off. The Pirate Party, however, is standing its ground. As TorrentFreak reports:

Last week the local Pirate Party also received a letter from BREIN, demanding the shutdown of their Pirate Bay proxy site hosted at tpb.piratenpartij.nl. However, unlike the site owners that were previously contacted by the group, the Pirate Party is not caving in. They would rather fight the case in court.

Today the Party informed BREIN that the proxy site will stay online. To show that The Pirate Bay can be a useful communication tool the Pirate Party sent the letter through a torrent file, hosted on the BitTorrent site at the center of the dispute.

“The demands are ridiculous,” Pirate Party chairman Dirk Poot told TorrentFreak.

“A private lobbying organization should not be allowed to be the censor of the Dutch internet. We were also amazed to find an ex-parte decision attached, threatening Dutch minors with €1000 per day fines for operating their proxy. If we would have yielded, their trick would immediately be played out against numerous other private citizens.”

The larger point in all of this, of course, is just how completely and utterly useless BREIN's game of whac-a-mole is. There are so many proxy sites out there, and many are used for perfectly legitimate reasons. Trying to block every single one of them is a fool's errand. Those who want to go to TPB will figure out ways to get there.

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  1. icon
    Greevar (profile), 5 Apr 2012 @ 9:22pm

    I get so sick of these people.

    They keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. The solution is simple: CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL and there will be no such thing as "the piracy problem".

    They waste so much of their money, our money, and the resources of our legal system trying to stamp out a problem they don't need to fight. They just need to refocus their business model and monetize other parts of the creative industry, parts that don't predicate on controlling ubiquitous copying and communication.

    How long are they going to waste time and money fighting this impossible war against natural human behavior and just restructure the industry to fit the new environment? For crying out loud, they waggle their plastic fingers at us and say we are the problem, but they fail to take a good hard look and what they're doing. They never stop and think, "Is there something else we could do that doesn't perpetuate a conflict with our own customers? Is this the only way this can be done?" I mean seriously, are they so lacking in the faculties of divergent thinking? Can they not conceive multiple strategies instead of beating the same dead horse? What's the deal? Can't they try something besides forcing everyone to abide by their preferred methods of brute force legislation?

    They really need to knock this off and try something less adversarial for a change. If they want to make any headway on this, they need to stop seeing it as a war to win, but instead as a puzzle to solve.

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