Hadopi Accused Of 'Massaging' The Numbers To Make Anti-Piracy Activity Look Better

from the oops dept

We just wrote about Hadopi's back slapping report about how much it had reduced "piracy." We noted that what was really telling was the fact that revenue was still declining. However, as more people look at the details of the Hadopi report, even the numbers they provide are looking less and less credible. Monica Horten from IPtegrity looks at a few different sources that raise serious questions about the Hadopi report. What the analysis shows is that P2P file sharing is still increasing in France. The "decline" is not in absolute numbers, but in relative numbers, compared to other sources -- such as streaming. And streaming has gone up quite a bit. An analysis in the French publication Le Figaro highlights how P2P and streaming appear to have basically flip flopped:

On top of that, France Telecom, who has said that P2P use continues to grow, has also noted that it saw "a marked increase in levels of encrypted traffic since the Hadopi notice-sending began," suggesting that there's plenty of file sharing going on via encrypted channels that Hadopi simply can't track.

Furthermore, Horten points to a Numerama report that highlights the fact that Hadopi's numbers come from the IFPI and ALPA. ALPA is a French anti-piracy organization. In other words, organizations who have a long history of fudging their own numbers. You would think, if the data was really showed that Hadopi was having an impact, its numbers would be a lot stronger.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 5 Apr 2012 @ 4:56am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Yes, that is the point (which you seem to miss). It's equally dishonest to claim it to be child porn as to claim it to be P2P - because we just don't know. Mike wants it to be something, and he is willing to hang the story on it.

    It's bullshit, and he knows it. He would hang the MPAA for making similar claims.

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