EU Parliament Won't Wait For EU Court Of Justice To Vote On ACTA

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With the clear momentum in the EU moving against ACTA, the supporters of the treaty in the EU Commission (who negotiated the deal) began to worry that the EU Parliament might move to reject ACTA completely at the vote planned for June. So they cooked up this delay tactic of taking ACTA to the EU Court of Justice to get a ruling on the legality of the document. However, some realized that a big part of the strategy behind this move was to try to push off the EU's vote, and hope that it could be brought at another time when the issue wasn't seen as such a political hot potato. It looks like that's not happening, and the EU Parliament has agreed (strongly) to move forward with the planned vote around June, and will not wait for the EU Court of Justice's opinion on the matter. So, for folks looking to stop ACTA in its tracks, the focus has to be on convincing MEPs to vote against it in June.

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  1. identicon
    Call me Al, 29 Mar 2012 @ 4:35am


    I went to ORGCon on Saturday, which is a kind of conference organised by the Open Rights Group in the UK. There was a talk there about ACTA and they pointed out that even with ACTA dying there is already a European treaty being drafted which may have similar consequences.

    We're entering a period when they will keep trying to pass through things like this in the face of popular opinion. Essentially it means that activists and the general population need to be constantly vigilent so they can shout and scream when these things come up.

    Problem is that the people trying to pass it can just bide their time and then do it once vigilence lapses, something I occasionally think is inevitable because constant vigilence is tiring.

    And now I've made myself depressed typing all this. It just seems like we are in a state of war with our elected representatives which surely isn't how this should work!

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