Our Gift To The Author's Guild: An Ad For Brick & Mortar Book Stores

from the community-service dept

Not long ago, Tim Cushing wrote about Author's Guild president Scott Turow's curious assertion that brick-and-mortar book stores are the future of the industry. I didn't think that sounded very likely, but I like a good book store as much as the next person-over-20, so I thought I'd join forces with Tim to give Turow some help in his campaign. We put our heads together and produced this period-appropriate advertisement, for Turow and anyone else to use in advancing the cause of brick-and-mortar. Enjoy!

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  1. identicon
    Rich, 28 Mar 2012 @ 6:24am

    Oh God, the membership card! Before Amazon, I use to frequent a bookstore owned by a certain chain (not BN). I use to have to fight with them for 10 minutes whenever I tried to make a purchase because I didn't want their membership card.

    The last time I ever went there, the young lady behind the register would not relent. I finally had to hold up my hand and say, "I said no thank you!" She slammed my books on the counter and turned her back on me.

    I wrote a letter to the company. I got a "non-apology" back, and a $5 coupon which I promptly sent back. I never went there again.

    They are out of business now, and I was not sad to see them go.

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