Our Gift To The Author's Guild: An Ad For Brick & Mortar Book Stores

from the community-service dept

Not long ago, Tim Cushing wrote about Author's Guild president Scott Turow's curious assertion that brick-and-mortar book stores are the future of the industry. I didn't think that sounded very likely, but I like a good book store as much as the next person-over-20, so I thought I'd join forces with Tim to give Turow some help in his campaign. We put our heads together and produced this period-appropriate advertisement, for Turow and anyone else to use in advancing the cause of brick-and-mortar. Enjoy!

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Filed Under: antitrust, authors, brick and mortar, ebooks, price fixing, scott turow, whimsy

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  1. identicon
    Terry Hancock, 28 Mar 2012 @ 6:36am

    Funny! But are e-books democratizing?

    I definitely laughed :-)

    But I question the implication that paper books are snobbish and e-books democratizing.

    E-book readership is a private club with a fairly high entry fee -- very much like the other forms of middle-class snobbery that you're trying to lampoon here.

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