Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops Publishing Dead Tree Version; If You're Unfamiliar, You Can Read About It On Wikipedia

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There is something symbolic about the news that the Encyclopaedia Britannica is finally giving up on its printed product -- a product that was once more or less "required" for middle class families. Of course, if you'd asked me last week if Britannica actually still printed its books, I might have guessed they'd already stopped. Britannica had lost an awful lot of relevance even before Wikipedia came along, and its efforts to embrace the web have always come across as too little, too late in an era dominated by Wikipedia. While the ending of the print publication is a milestone, it seems unlikely to be an indication of fortunes turning around for Britannica.

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    aldestrawk (profile), 16 Mar 2012 @ 11:53am

    I use Wikipedia nearly everyday mostly as a first step in researching technical stuff related to computers and the internet. One of my gripes about the quality of the articles that I usually read is that they have been "dumbed down" over the past few years. This is an intentional trend by Wikipedia to make all their articles more encyclopedic. However, by making those articles more accessible to the general public but less useful to me personally. The links and references in the articles are very useful though. I see a niche for on-line encyclopedia(s) that are narrow in scope but more detailed and more technical than Wikipedia for science and technical subjects. I cannot compare the Encyclopedia Britannica though as my set is the 1926 edition. (No, I am not THAT OLD!)

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