Rather Than Speaking Out Against Domain Seizures, ICANN Provides A 'How To' Manual

from the uh,-bad-decision dept

A couple weeks ago, we noted that with all of these questionable domain seizures going on, it was a shame that ICANN wasn't speaking out against such questionable abuses of the domain system. We thought its silence was a sign of its impotence to actually take a stand. Turns out we may have actually overestimated ICANN's willingness to stand up for the internet. You see, late last week it put out a "Thought Paper on Domain Seizures and Takedowns."

By "thought paper" -- they actually mean an instruction manual.

Seriously. The document is basically a step-by-step guide for government officials on how to seize, takedown and censor websites. It has sections like "guide for preparing domain name orders, seizures & takedowns" and "checklist of information to submit with a legal or regulatory action." This is exactly the opposite of what ICANN should be doing if it believes in preserving the basic structure and principles of the internet. But given ICANN's general incompetence, is it really any surprise that it's ending up on the wrong side of this issue, too?

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    Overcast (profile), 12 Mar 2012 @ 11:58am

    Mike is NOT rooting for the criminals. In case you've missed it, he's clearly stated (on more than one occasion and to more than one troll, like yourself) that he is AGAINST piracy. Karl, a frequent commenter, one time even went so far as to go back and search for and then link to every single EXACT QUOTE from Mike on the subject and his views on it. I think Karl came up with, and it was a quick search, AT LEAST 15 or so links. So this "Mike supports piracy" and "Mike roots for criminals" thing seriously needs to stop because it's just stupid and petty and really reeks of desperation to smear him and what he says.

    You may disagree with his views and opinions, that's your right. But to state he roots for criminals is completely off base.

    Consider yourself adequately corrected, moron.

    Yeah, I agree and my position is the same. I really don't condone piracy, but rank stupidity really annoys me - thus why I comment on here a lot.

    Let's look at a hypothetical - let's say that SOPA went through - first time, no opposition and this goes through - this will not be enough of course, piracy will continue.

    So the government will do MORE AND MORE to restrict the 'piracy' - when really it will just make life harder for legit users - the pirates will go on routing around it - hell, it's what drives them - *busting the system*.

    That's why they do what they do - probably more to 'stick it to the man' - then anything else.

    I mean - why else would they do all this stuff for 'free'?

    IF the government and these corporations had their way, the internet would end up being so gimped, and so bug ridden that it's popularity would wane quickly. Like anything else that corporations or government end up putting out there - half the time, it's worthless garbage that was only done to make someone a buck. MOST of the good stuff doesn't come from corporations or government does it?

    It's just like DRM on a game like Spore or something - you can add all you want, but that doesn't mean people will like it more, pay more or use it more now will it?

    There are at least 4 games I have sitting in my old CD bin that I won't bother to play - because the DRM is a hassle. I don't play games to be hassled, sorry.

    And the web is an ok tool, and even if the government and the corporations have their way totally, I might use it with all of the excitement that I have when mailing out snail-mail letters; in other words *if I have to*, but I certainly wouldn't spend much time on there if all that was out there to look at was corporate and government content... blah.

    That's like watching infomercials and c-span all day - who the hell does that?

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