Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea

from the which-enemy? dept

This is no surprise, given the charges outlined earlier, but Bradley Manning was formally charged with 22 counts for allegedly leaking State Department cables and other documents to Wikileaks. While many expected him to enter a plea, instead he chose to defer the plea for the time being. Perhaps he's working on some sort of plea bargain. The key charge, of course, is "aiding the enemy" though I'm curious which "enemy" we're talking about and exactly what "aid" they got from this. To date, it seems like the leaks may have embarrassed the US, but it's not clear they did any more significant harm than that. If that's all it takes to "aid the enemy," then something's wrong with the system...

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  1. identicon
    Rich Kulawiec, 24 Feb 2012 @ 2:56am

    What enemy?

    The United States is not currently in a state of war because Congress has not seen fit to issue a Declaration of War. Therefore, while the US may not like country X very much or may be shooting at soldiers from country Y or may have quite a few political figures saying bad things about country Z, it is not at war with any of them, therefore none of them are actually an "enemy".

    If the US wants to treat a country like an enemy, and if it wants to prosecute its own citizens for allegedly aiding that enemy, then it should have enough respect for its own Constitution to declare war on that country. It is duplicitous and dishonest, not to mention unconstitutional and illegal, to omit that step.

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