Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea

from the which-enemy? dept

This is no surprise, given the charges outlined earlier, but Bradley Manning was formally charged with 22 counts for allegedly leaking State Department cables and other documents to Wikileaks. While many expected him to enter a plea, instead he chose to defer the plea for the time being. Perhaps he's working on some sort of plea bargain. The key charge, of course, is "aiding the enemy" though I'm curious which "enemy" we're talking about and exactly what "aid" they got from this. To date, it seems like the leaks may have embarrassed the US, but it's not clear they did any more significant harm than that. If that's all it takes to "aid the enemy," then something's wrong with the system...

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    That Anonymous Coward (profile), 23 Feb 2012 @ 5:06pm

    So Wikileaks is now the enemy, as if there was any doubt.

    I think a better use of a courts time would be looking at the contents of the leak and asking questions about why they are lying to the American people.

    So many people think the world hates us because we are such a god fearing country, and they are just evil terrorists. The actual truth seems to be that behind closed doors our Government is doing all of the bad acts they call others out for, and are flexing their "might" to force other nations to work how our corporate sponsors demand.

    Mannings entire case is twisted and turned, its been revised for TV sound bites. It would be nice if we actually held all of the alarmists to their statements on the manner and ask them if maybe they were being over the top not understanding what was really happening.

    The idea of a plea deal sounds interesting, but I doubt he will get one unless he does one thing. The Government wants Assange at any cost, and the entire time Manning has been held they have tried over and over to get him to give them that connection. I doubt it exists, but one should fear whats been going on to Manning this entire time and if he can continue to withstand the mind games they have been using on him.

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