Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea

from the which-enemy? dept

This is no surprise, given the charges outlined earlier, but Bradley Manning was formally charged with 22 counts for allegedly leaking State Department cables and other documents to Wikileaks. While many expected him to enter a plea, instead he chose to defer the plea for the time being. Perhaps he's working on some sort of plea bargain. The key charge, of course, is "aiding the enemy" though I'm curious which "enemy" we're talking about and exactly what "aid" they got from this. To date, it seems like the leaks may have embarrassed the US, but it's not clear they did any more significant harm than that. If that's all it takes to "aid the enemy," then something's wrong with the system...

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    Jay (profile), 24 Feb 2012 @ 1:37pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "-lets see... a dozen Iraqi males in a combat zone armed with at least one AK 47 and an RPG. Others carrying camera bags mistaken for weapons. And you're surprised they took fire? No shit you were never in the military. A better question is who were the guys with the weapons and why were the journalists reckless enough to be part of an armed group in broad daylight?"

    The concept of a fog of war is lost on you.

    The heli was a mile away, the screen is less than 7' high and it's in black and white. They couldn't tell the difference between a camera bag or an RPG on a screen so small.

    Soldiers kill opposing combatants. That is their job. You pussies have been cowering behind other nations for the last 200 years so you're excused for your lack of familiarity with the duties of a soldier. They had weapons, they are clearly visible and no one denies that... except perhaps you. There were no kids visible on the video, which you know. The bit about "on their way to school" is laughable. The guys in the van appeared to be evacuating wounded combatants and recovering guns. The minivan wasn't a yellow painted school bus

    That's a war crime. There was no way to discern if they were terrorists, there were no weapons, and the people weren't engaging the chopper from so far away.

    Right. Maybe they should have landed the helicopter and introduced themselves to the motherfucker with the AK.

    If they engage in hostile activities, then you shoot. The pilot was gearing up for engagement, not the victims who were killed.

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