Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea

from the which-enemy? dept

This is no surprise, given the charges outlined earlier, but Bradley Manning was formally charged with 22 counts for allegedly leaking State Department cables and other documents to Wikileaks. While many expected him to enter a plea, instead he chose to defer the plea for the time being. Perhaps he's working on some sort of plea bargain. The key charge, of course, is "aiding the enemy" though I'm curious which "enemy" we're talking about and exactly what "aid" they got from this. To date, it seems like the leaks may have embarrassed the US, but it's not clear they did any more significant harm than that. If that's all it takes to "aid the enemy," then something's wrong with the system...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 24 Feb 2012 @ 12:13pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    1) He hasn't said anything about the 19 months of imprisonment without formal charges. Drug traffickers get more warning and better trials than that.

    The UCMJ has procedures for bringing charges and trials, I suggest you read it. Rest assured if it was an issue his lawyers would mention it. They're doubtlessly smarter than you. As noted, this is under the UCMJ, a separate body of law. Though I doubt a drug trafficker in the military would get better treatment. Civilian, perhaps.

    2) Human rights activists have not had access to Bradley Manning.

    So what? He has access to his lawyers and family. Here:

    "Update from Bradley Manning's attorney

    By David Coombs. June 28, 2011

    It has been a little over two months since PFC Manning was moved from Quantico to the Joint Regional Corrections Facility (JRCF) at Fort Leavenworth. Since being moved to the JRCF, PFC Manning's overall mood and demeanor has greatly improved. PFC Manning is able to maintain regular contact with his defense team. He receives weekly written updates, phone calls and visits from defense counsel. In addition, he receives regular visits from family. Finally, PFC Manning also receives hundreds of letters from supporters every week. He wishes to extend his sincere appreciation to those who have taken the time to send along their thoughts and well-wishes."

    3) Nothing has been said of Obama already declaring Manning guilty. That shows how much of a truly fair trial it is.

    Oh yes, Obama is so revered by the military. All he said was “He broke the law.”
    Shit, Mannings own lawyers don't contest the fact that he downloaded and transmitted classified documents. NEWSFLASH: That's against the law on its face.

    4) Even Daniel Ellsberg has said he won't get a fair trial. If Ellsberg (who leaked higher documents) is saying this, I'm more inclined to believe that instead of the rhetoric you spew.

    Even Daniel Ellsberg???? What the fuck did you think he would say?

    5) The judge has an obvious bias against Manning since he works as a part of the criminal division of the Justice Department.

    What are you talking about. First of all it is a she. Second, she is a colonel in the US Army. The full article is in the Huffington Post. You might try reading instead of inventing in the future:

    "Military judge Col. Denise Lind presided over the 50-minute hearing at Fort Meade near Baltimore. She didn't set a trial date but scheduled another court session for March 15-16."

    I have no idea what the hell you're talking about in regards to "prosecutor prosecutes... etc" but you might want to look at what a hearing officer does in a military trial. Funny how you're going around this thread as if you're a military expert and don't know the differences in positions.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Courts-martial in the United States are criminal trials conducted by the U.S. military. Most commonly, courts-martial are convened to try members of the U.S. military for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (or UCMJ), which is the U.S. military's criminal code. However, they can also be convened for other purposes, including military tribunals and the enforcement of martial law in an occupied territory. Courts-martial are governed by the rules of procedure and evidence laid out in the Manual for Courts-Martial, which contains the Rules for Courts-Martial, Military Rules of Evidence, and other guidance.
    Courts-martial are adversarial proceedings, as are all United States criminal courts. That is, lawyers representing the government and the accused present the facts, legal aspects, and arguments most favorable to each side; a military judge determines questions of law, and the members of the panel (or military judge in a judge-alone case) determine questions of fact."

    Also from the Huffington Post article:

    "A court-martial defendant can defer entering a plea until the start of the trial and defer choosing a [trial by] judge or jury until shortly before the trial date. Doing so could buy the defense more time to investigate the background of prospective jurors or negotiate a deal, said Eugene R. Fidell, a former Coast Guard judge advocate who teaches law at Yale."

    Seriously Jay, not a single thing you said is true (once again). Why are you so desperate that you resort to making shit up to defend a slimy piece of human garbage like Manning?

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