Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea

from the which-enemy? dept

This is no surprise, given the charges outlined earlier, but Bradley Manning was formally charged with 22 counts for allegedly leaking State Department cables and other documents to Wikileaks. While many expected him to enter a plea, instead he chose to defer the plea for the time being. Perhaps he's working on some sort of plea bargain. The key charge, of course, is "aiding the enemy" though I'm curious which "enemy" we're talking about and exactly what "aid" they got from this. To date, it seems like the leaks may have embarrassed the US, but it's not clear they did any more significant harm than that. If that's all it takes to "aid the enemy," then something's wrong with the system...

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    Jay (profile), 24 Feb 2012 @ 11:31am

    Re: Re: Re:

    1) He hasn't said anything about the 19 months of imprisonment without formal charges. Drug traffickers get more warning and better trials than that.

    2) Human rights activists have not had access to Bradley Manning.

    3) Nothing has been said of Obama already declaring Manning guilty. That shows how much of a truly fair trial it is.

    4) Even Daniel Ellsberg has said he won't get a fair trial. If Ellsberg (who leaked higher documents) is saying this, I'm more inclined to believe that instead of the rhetoric you spew.

    5) The judge has an obvious bias against Manning since he works as a part of the criminal division of the Justice Department.

    I have no idea what the hell you're talking about in regards to "prosecutor prosecutes... etc" but you might want to look at what a hearing officer does in a military trial. Funny how you're going around this thread as if you're a military expert and don't know the differences in positions.

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