Justice Department Wants $5 Million To Bolster Its Efforts As Hollywood's Private Police Force

from the regulatory-capture dept

While the proposed Obama 2013 budget for the federal government is supposed to be about cutting extraneous expenditures, one area where it's seeking more money is to expand the Justice Department's copyright enforcement efforts. You see, this is what happens when you hand the Justice Department over to the RIAA and MPAA. DOJ is seeking an extra $5 million to focus on these kinds of efforts, to hire 14 new employees, including nine lawyers, claiming that it's "had an increase in the number of cases that we're dealing with in IP." Oh really? You mean like the case of Dajaz1? The site that the DOJ illegally held and censored for over a year? Perhaps if they had a few more lawyers on staff, someone would have taken the time to realize that they were supposed to give the domain back within a specified time frame. Or perhaps they could have used those people to realize that the site was posting music sent by the copyright holders. Of course, that's not what would happen. Instead, they'd just focus on seizing more sites and creating more collateral damage. The real question, of course, should be why are we allowing the government to be Hollywood's private police force?

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  1. identicon
    Rich Kulawiec, 15 Feb 2012 @ 11:23am

    Priorities, DoJ, priorities

    There have been, since 1980, about 186,000 unsolved murders in the United States -- about 6000/year.

    If the DoJ would actually like to, you know, maybe kinda consider doing something for the cause of justice, then perhaps it could at least pretend to prioritize finding the killers responsible for these before worrying about bits flying around the Intertubes.

    Oh, I know: it's hard work pursuing these cases, some of which lack substantial evidence. It's grueling, it's unglamorous, it doesn't result in headlines, it can be mind-numbing, depressing, frustrating. It's much easier to seize a website selling fake NFL t-shirts and hold a press conference.

    But those of us who PAY for the DoJ would prefer that it spend its resources pursuing murderers rather than acting as the lapdog of the few dying companies that nobody needs, nobody wants, and nobody will miss when they're gone.

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