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It's been a heck of a busy month or two for copyright. We've had SOPA and PIPA. We've had the organization of a grassroots campaign against them. We had a significant number of serious heavyweights of the Internet join in. And now we have nations around Europe bailing on ACTA over protests of their citizens.

My question is, why? Why do we have to see stories like this:

Over 70 different groups, including many who were central to the January 18th online protests against SOPA, have put together a letter asking Congress to put a halt to any attempts to further expand intellectual property laws.

The movie industry has one main lobby that they can put all their weight behind. So does the recording industry. Why don't we have one?

And why are these yahoos still supporting bills that they know are poison? I thought they were supposed to be realizing that it wasn't Google lobbying that stopped SOPA/PIPA.

Anyway, those aren't necessarily my favorite Techdirt stories of the week but they are the ones that made me think the most. I consider that a bigger win than a good chuckle or a burn on Righthaven.

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    TtfnJohn (profile), 12 Feb 2012 @ 8:24pm


    That's it. Keep focusing on Google. It makes the battle easier when the opposition focuses on a chimera rather than something real. Like all the real people who were pissed at SOPA/PIPA and who took the time to say so. And continue to take the time to do so.

    And I'm sure that this site and the people here are part of your dreamed of professional piracy apologist groups who received funding from Google and others. After all we are all freetards who want something for nothing and will stop at nothing to get it. (Which must mean that somehow we acquire powerful computers, get sites for nothing and pay for cable or teleco connections with air or an endless supply of pirated gift cards.

    The table in Congress was set by Hollywood, mostly behind the scenes, the hearings about SOPA and PIPA were largely bad jokes because those testifying, if that's the right word, were hand picked. Even then support was tepid and when real experts on how the internet functions and works were opposed across the board when one of then snuck in.

    If Google set that table I can tell you they have lots to learn about setting tables up.

    The game changer was the word getting out about what SOPA/PIPA actually contain despite the flurry of propaganda that denied it and still denies it.

    In all the time the debate went on until the blackout day there wasn't one person not employed directly or indirectly by the self proclaimed "content industry" who spoke out in favour of either bill. And most made it clear that the bills would not accomplish their goals while making the internet less transparent, endangering free speech and messing around directly with the architecture of the Internet without knowing what they were doing.

    All while there was no evidence at all that the so-called "content industry" was suffering at all from piracy.

    What I'm forced to conclude is that, as far as you're concerned anyone who disagrees with your position and that of your employers must be somehow "disinformed" by Google and being led around by the nose by Google.

    You're wrong.

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