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It's been a heck of a busy month or two for copyright. We've had SOPA and PIPA. We've had the organization of a grassroots campaign against them. We had a significant number of serious heavyweights of the Internet join in. And now we have nations around Europe bailing on ACTA over protests of their citizens.

My question is, why? Why do we have to see stories like this:

Over 70 different groups, including many who were central to the January 18th online protests against SOPA, have put together a letter asking Congress to put a halt to any attempts to further expand intellectual property laws.

The movie industry has one main lobby that they can put all their weight behind. So does the recording industry. Why don't we have one?

And why are these yahoos still supporting bills that they know are poison? I thought they were supposed to be realizing that it wasn't Google lobbying that stopped SOPA/PIPA.

Anyway, those aren't necessarily my favorite Techdirt stories of the week but they are the ones that made me think the most. I consider that a bigger win than a good chuckle or a burn on Righthaven.

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    Josef Anvil (profile), 12 Feb 2012 @ 12:01pm

    Re: Re: A New (mis)Understanding...

    This guy's rant is a perfect example of what happens when Stupid and Angry join forces.

    He begins with the premise that the young generation whines too much and doesn't vote, so of course they are not represented. He also states that the youth cannot organize and only want free shit. Then he goes on say that politicians might listen to the people when they grow up, own a company, pay taxes, etc. This is followed by saying that protesting against politics has drawn the attention of opponents and strengthened those opponents resolve.

    This is all pretty standard troll rhetoric up to that point. Next we are told about the state of America with its massive debt and lack of manufacturing and technological innovation.

    Then it all goes pretty silly.

    All the blame is then laid directly on the younger generation for being lazy and GREEDY.

    Sooooo. The people that don't do anything and don't vote and don't have a voice and can't organize and want free shit, are to blame for the State of America???????

    Dude, take a breath and try surfing the web for some facts before you decide to insult people with sheer magnitude of your stupidity.

    Yes GREED is one of the biggest problems, but its the GREED from those owners of companies that do have the ear of Congress and work hard to stomp out competition and innovation because they want their free shit (money for doing nothing after stealing the rights of artists is free shit).

    I could go on dismantling your pathetic rant, but then I would have to read it again and Im not going to risk an aneurysm.

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