It's Time To Let Politicians Know That Using Secretive Trade Agreements To Meddle With The Internet Is Unacceptable

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Last week, we noted how the anti-SOPA protest had woken up people around the globe to one of the legacy content industry's favorite tricks: sneaking dreadful IP expansionist policies through international trade agreements. In particular, it woke people up to ACTA, an agreement that was basically a done deal, and already signed by many of the participants. But now there's a fight on in Europe over whether or not it will really get ratified -- and it all comes down to whether or not the EU Parliament moves forward. And even while some are wondering if it's dead and superpowers like Germany are appearing to at least have some level of second thoughts over the plan... it's still moving forward.

As we had mentioned, a ton of plans for in-person protests had sprung up across Europe, and most of those are happening tomorrow. Reports are coming in about how these protests are really having an impact, and many people are hoping to ramp up the pressure with the protests tomorrow.

If you want to see where the local protest are being held, the folks over at Access have a great summary page, and Fight for the Future -- who was instrumental in organizing the anti-SOPA blackouts -- has set up to make it easier to speak out against ACTA as well. Who knows if ACTA can really be stopped, but it's really amazing to see so many people speaking out against these agreements. International trade agreements are considered boring and rarely do people pay attention to them (outside of big "free trade" agreements that set off certain groups). But to see so many people learning about how these deals sneak in dangerous provisions, it suggests that perhaps we can finally convince politicians that mucking with the internet solely for special interests -- and doing it through totally secretive processes -- is simply not acceptable any more.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 11 Feb 2012 @ 10:11am

    Re: Re: Re:

    A good student of history and someone versed in even anything remotely resembling some semblance of intelligence and/or knowledge, would know that Hitler DID NOT reflect the feelings of the masses.

    Instead, he pretty much dictated his will to the people and was able to, through the use of speeches and propaganda, push his beliefs onto the people.

    There were problems at Germany at the time, obviously, and Hitler used those problems and his means to eliminate and/or combat them as a rallying point to garner support from the masses, at which point he begun to spin things in a manner that was not truly support by the masses.

    Then again, you are a shill, and shills aren't known for being able to state facts. Merely spin and disinformation.

    Congratulations, you just got schooled on a bit of history. Maybe you'll take the time to study up on it, rather than just regurgitating whatever incorrect information you've been fed at some point in your life.

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