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Evidence Shows That Megaupload Shutdown Had No Real Impact On Infringement

from the look,-a-mole!-wac!-wac! dept

The first big analysis of what happened to file sharing via cyberlockers following the shutdown of Megaupload shows that there was no slowdown in file sharing -- it's just that the traffic moved elsewhere. The analysis, by Deepfield Networks, concludes that there was no significant drop off in file sharing in the US... but that it has become "staggeringly less efficient" from a network standpoint, because much of it moved to offshore locations over "expensive transatlantic links." This isn't a huge surprise. We've been pointing out for ages, that you can shut down as many sites as you can, and new options will always pop up. Shutting down sites has never worked, but for whatever reason, ICE and the MPAA/RIAA never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

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    Anonymous Coward, 8 Feb 2012 @ 7:57pm

    Re: Re:

    What you don't seem to understand is that nobody gives a true crap about the hardcore pirates, they are unfixable and unchangeable, and are willing to spend hundreds of hours of effort to get a single piece of free pr0n. They aren't important in the overall scheme of things.

    Most users are casual pirates, that is to say they are pirates because it's easy, it's fun, and it's simple to do. Join any one of the thousands of forums out there, get a bunch of links to file locker sites, and download all you want - and hopefully buy a membership so the uploader can get paid.

    Those casual downloaders are currently screwed. Almost every pirate forum board out there suffered greatly in the fallout of the Mega deal, with so many sites dropping files, cutting links, disabling sharing, and most importantly NO LONGER PAYING UPLOADERS, they whole thing has fallen into disarray. Trying to find content through this method has a very high failure rate now, enough to piss most people off and get them to stop.

    Shifting the casual users away from piracy has always been the point, the one Mike rarely wants to talk about.

    As for "there is nothing you can do about it", I would say only that this is the attitude that Kim Dotcom had up until a few weeks ago. Now he is desperately trying not to drop the soap. See what a snarky attitude will get you?

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