by Mike Masnick

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Evidence Shows That Megaupload Shutdown Had No Real Impact On Infringement

from the look,-a-mole!-wac!-wac! dept

The first big analysis of what happened to file sharing via cyberlockers following the shutdown of Megaupload shows that there was no slowdown in file sharing -- it's just that the traffic moved elsewhere. The analysis, by Deepfield Networks, concludes that there was no significant drop off in file sharing in the US... but that it has become "staggeringly less efficient" from a network standpoint, because much of it moved to offshore locations over "expensive transatlantic links." This isn't a huge surprise. We've been pointing out for ages, that you can shut down as many sites as you can, and new options will always pop up. Shutting down sites has never worked, but for whatever reason, ICE and the MPAA/RIAA never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 8 Feb 2012 @ 4:52pm

    Had No Real Impact On Infringement

    Yea right, of course it did, especially if you are megaupload !!

    It has also impacted Masnick a great deal,it is clear he is just as scared as the rest of the criminals.

    Masnick, the more you whine about these things, the more it confirms to the people incharge, that what they are doing is

    1) effective
    2) REALLY hurts the thiefs

    So keep crying about it Masnick, and confirm what they are doing is on the right track...

    If you could just keep your mouth shut, there would be less people making efforts to supress the criminals !!!

    "Masnick says we are not effective, so we just have to DO MORE, to be more effective".

    You Masnick, are PROMOPTING them to take more and more extreme action....

    But who cares Masnick, you make money from it, so you dont give a fuck...


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