Tom Brady Watched Last Year's Super Bowl Via Illegal Stream... And Probably Had A Better Experience Than Anyone Watching NBC's Official Stream

from the so-it-goes dept

With ICE seizing a bunch of websites that were planning to stream this year's Super Bowl, plenty of people had their ears perk up when Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady admitted that he watched last year's Super Bowl via an unauthorized streaming site online. While his view this year was a bit more up close and personal, lots of people were talking about how NBC Universal finally decided to offer up an official stream of the game -- about a decade later than it should have done so. Of course, reports from users were that -- in typical NBC Universal fashion -- the experience was dreadful. Even more ridiculous? The livestream didn't show most of the commercials because apparently NBC Universal wanted them to pay extra to do so. So, instead, those who watched online "received a heavy dose of the same ads over and over again." In other words, the online experience was worse. Of course, since they have less competition (thank you US government!), NBC has little incentive to improve the product, so expect it to suck for a few more years now that they've finally decided to show the game online.

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  1. identicon
    Sonnyb, 20 Feb 2012 @ 3:21am

    Re: NBC's Super Bowl video streaming

    I'm a Cox Cable subscriber in the Las Vegas, NV area. I was able to watch the Super Bowl online at NBC and was amazed by the quality of the video stream. I have Silverlight installed and the video stream fluctuated between excellent and average quality. Most of the stream was excellent. I was able to watch the whole game with no commercial interruptions. When the OTA broadcast broke for commercial the video stream just went blank or the sportscasters did comments for that period of time for that interval with a screen saying they would continue the game in a few minutes. I was impressed by the whole experience even though I was thinking I would have liked to have been able to watch the commercials. Toward the end of the game a box popped up in the top left hand corner of the screen that let me select the commercials that I wanted to watch, one after another. All of them! No complaints here as I am totally impressed by NBC's presentation of the Super Bowl live over the internet.(It's extremely rare for NBC to impress me!) I'm not sure why others had a completely different viewing experience. Maybe NBC tried different things in different areas of the country. I'm really surprised that my experience was pretty much the opposite of everyone else. If other networks were to offer a viewing experience like this people wouldn't need to search for unauthorized sites to view this content.

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