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Please Keep The ACTA Debate Fact-Based

from the good-points dept

As we noted in our ACTA primer, there appeared to be a lot of misinformation spreading about the agreement -- which many people were comparing to SOPA/PIPA. While we appreciated that folks who had become interested in SOPA/PIPA were turning their attention to the (very problematic) ACTA, it didn't do anyone any good to spread misinformation. Tim Lee, over at Ars Technica, has taken it up a notch by putting together a very good debunking of some of the exaggerated statements that people are making against ACTA. There are plenty of serious problems with ACTA -- but it doesn't help if those opposed to ACTA are spreading misinformation. It merely aids ACTA supporters in their attempts to claim, incorrectly, that all of the opposition is ill-informed. So, please, to those out there working hard against ACTA, read the details carefully and focus on the real problems.

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    TtfnJohn (profile), 31 Jan 2012 @ 3:19pm

    Regardless of the distasteful stuff in ACTA (and TPP) the biggest problem with them both has been the secrecy surrounding them. And once it all starts to leak out, it looks bad though not all that much different than the US DCMA. (And believe me, that one is bad enough.) TPP will seek to do similar things all in the name of protecting copyright and to save people from dubious claims of counterfeit goods. No one has died from a conterfeit handbag, some have from fake drugs but no one has been killed by copyright infringement.

    Notably, as Ars hints, ACTA, and TPP, are attempts to impose western based intellectual property values on countries that dont' share them. The Third World and, perhaps more important, the BRIC countries. Far be it from me to suggest imperialism but.....

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