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Please Keep The ACTA Debate Fact-Based

from the good-points dept

As we noted in our ACTA primer, there appeared to be a lot of misinformation spreading about the agreement -- which many people were comparing to SOPA/PIPA. While we appreciated that folks who had become interested in SOPA/PIPA were turning their attention to the (very problematic) ACTA, it didn't do anyone any good to spread misinformation. Tim Lee, over at Ars Technica, has taken it up a notch by putting together a very good debunking of some of the exaggerated statements that people are making against ACTA. There are plenty of serious problems with ACTA -- but it doesn't help if those opposed to ACTA are spreading misinformation. It merely aids ACTA supporters in their attempts to claim, incorrectly, that all of the opposition is ill-informed. So, please, to those out there working hard against ACTA, read the details carefully and focus on the real problems.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 31 Jan 2012 @ 8:02am

    Not so, uninformed can change legislation in bad ways

    Not so, lots of passionate and uninformed people can effect the outcome and legislation and change it in bad ways because of lies they believe.

    Take the debate on Obama's healthcare bill. Some opponents at one point spread the lie that 'death panels' would be created to decide who would live and die.

    Where did they get such a lie from? A provision in the law to authorize medicare to compensate doctors for helping patients write a living will. A living will would say what to do if you're stuck in a hospital bed for months unable to wake up/communicate/think for yourself anymore with no hope of recovery according to doctors.

    Examples of what can happen without a living will are the Terri Schiavo mess, where the family spent a bunch of time and money suing each other and the hospital when fighting over her fate, because there was no living will. Each side argued that what they wanted is what Terri would have wanted. Terri couldn't say otherwise, being pretty much brain dead.

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