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Please Keep The ACTA Debate Fact-Based

from the good-points dept

As we noted in our ACTA primer, there appeared to be a lot of misinformation spreading about the agreement -- which many people were comparing to SOPA/PIPA. While we appreciated that folks who had become interested in SOPA/PIPA were turning their attention to the (very problematic) ACTA, it didn't do anyone any good to spread misinformation. Tim Lee, over at Ars Technica, has taken it up a notch by putting together a very good debunking of some of the exaggerated statements that people are making against ACTA. There are plenty of serious problems with ACTA -- but it doesn't help if those opposed to ACTA are spreading misinformation. It merely aids ACTA supporters in their attempts to claim, incorrectly, that all of the opposition is ill-informed. So, please, to those out there working hard against ACTA, read the details carefully and focus on the real problems.

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    Skeptical Cynic (profile), 31 Jan 2012 @ 6:57am


    So those for ACTA are spreading a lot of "disinformation"? Why can't those against it also? In love and war in matters not who was truthful only who won.

    I agree that we should not lie or distort what ACTA is, but I also say bring on the hype like only the internet can. I understand that we should not sink to the levels of Hades that the MPAA/RIAA et al does but really in the end all I care about is that we beat them back at ever turn until they are forced to come begging to us the consumers for a way to do what we really want. Which is get the content we want, how we want, at the time we want for a reasonable price without being hassled.

    That is all we want. I am willing to pay but only for that which I feel I am getting my monies worth.

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