Wil Wheaton Says Chris Dodd Is Lying About Lost Jobs; Says MPAA Accounting Creates More Losses Than Piracy

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We've discussed a few times in the past about how actor Wil Wheaton seems to understand that piracy isn't an enforcement issue, but a business model/service issue. He's also been somewhat vocal (since before many others caught on) concerning his opinion that SOPA/PIPA are a bad idea. And now he's responded to our story about Chris Dodd threatening politicians that the MPAA has financially backed if they don't pass PIPA/SOPA, by not only calling Dodd completely tone-deaf, but also noting that Dodd is lying about lost jobs:
I have lost more money to creative accounting, and American workers have lost more jobs to runaway production, than anything associated with what the MPAA calls piracy. Chris Dodd is lying about piracy costing us jobs. Hollywood’s refusal to adapt to changing times is what’s costing the studios money. That’s it.
Indeed, we've explained how highly questionable Hollywood accounting is used to keep actors from getting paid, even on some of the most successful movies ever. And, Wheaton is absolutely right. As we've been saying for the better part of a decade, the best way to deal with "piracy" is to properly compete with it. But Dodd and the MPAA still just don't get that. Actually innovating and competing in the market just isn't how things are done in Washington DC, I guess.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 30 Jan 2012 @ 10:01pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    "...he joined twitter.

    and shared his love of freedom, homebrew, and geek culture with the world."

    Then Hweaton's not really an "actor" but an idiot has-been child star sharing his stupid likeness with the lot of '80s holdovers who capitalize on 1) their former fame and 2) the reluctance of narcissistic gen-X'ers who refuse to grow up, through these new but pointless distribution models. Scott Baio, Flavor Flav... uh, Charlie Sheen... Used to be game shows or soap operas would be the has-beens' realm of bill-paying. Now it's, what, CreateSpace and AdSense?

    Let's see, where is everyone else from Stand By Me besides Kiefer Sutherland and John Cusack? River Phoenix is dead; even Richard Dreyfuss must be, what, "down and out in Beverly Hills" these days along with Corey Feldman and the fat kid from Crossing Jordan?

    (Atomic wedgies are ready on queue to everyone who referenced Star Trek, by the way....)

    Don't get me wrong; I spit on the effigy of Chris Dodo like the rest of the 99%. I agree with Hweaton's testament to the idiocy of corporate propaganda. But really, is an out-of-work child star the best individual to be offering any insight on the "real reasons" for lost jobs within the entertainment industry?

    At least Jerry Mathers went out and sold real estate. Maybe Beaver Cleaver could offer something to chew on about the housing bubble putting him out of work.

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