Wil Wheaton Says Chris Dodd Is Lying About Lost Jobs; Says MPAA Accounting Creates More Losses Than Piracy

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We've discussed a few times in the past about how actor Wil Wheaton seems to understand that piracy isn't an enforcement issue, but a business model/service issue. He's also been somewhat vocal (since before many others caught on) concerning his opinion that SOPA/PIPA are a bad idea. And now he's responded to our story about Chris Dodd threatening politicians that the MPAA has financially backed if they don't pass PIPA/SOPA, by not only calling Dodd completely tone-deaf, but also noting that Dodd is lying about lost jobs:
I have lost more money to creative accounting, and American workers have lost more jobs to runaway production, than anything associated with what the MPAA calls piracy. Chris Dodd is lying about piracy costing us jobs. Hollywood’s refusal to adapt to changing times is what’s costing the studios money. That’s it.
Indeed, we've explained how highly questionable Hollywood accounting is used to keep actors from getting paid, even on some of the most successful movies ever. And, Wheaton is absolutely right. As we've been saying for the better part of a decade, the best way to deal with "piracy" is to properly compete with it. But Dodd and the MPAA still just don't get that. Actually innovating and competing in the market just isn't how things are done in Washington DC, I guess.

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  1. identicon
    somonesomeday, 25 Jan 2012 @ 6:31pm

    Will, thanks for your work and thank you very much for not being too possessive about it. Your industry view has some depth that others might consider.

    In short... piracy (as popularly defined these days) makes jobs. And basically limiting prohibiting or otherwise making unobtainable (by whatever method) anything (particularly information) that can help another has moral and class implications... arrrrghg. must not go there... but these are the silly laws being discussed around town.

    The numbers offered by any promoter is always suspect to inflation and its a bad laugh that its not more obvious. There is no way one would expect that any such proposition would unfold in that way, it was profitable to you, without you actually forcing the matter in specific contractual writing. It is sad that many congressional leaders do not have some ability or incentive to recognize sham promoters of bad industry generated legislation.

    everyone's time is worth something period (ask an advertising exec how hard they work to get it) even if someone has downloaded something does not mean it was ultimately worth using. in the same way that we only have spendable income we only have so much spendable time.

    anytime you or one of your fans do whatever you want money is spent/made no matter what.
    anytime even a small step taken towards a goal/dream/desire money is invested/transacted. What was that goal and whether you have anything to interest that fan is the interrelationship between you. Since some of your work is considered enlightening (stng) this is important.

    anytime knowledge/entertainment is dispersed more can be done than before. u can either build more or do something better or at least have a more entertaining party (likely spending more money both ways)

    piracy is nice and that (just hearing that phrase sounds cool) but for a true entertainer/educator the corollary is that nothing happened and no money was spent because nobody knew you/that existed or anything important to learn was going on (tree in forest that nobody heard)

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