Paulo Coelho On SOPA: 'Pirates Of The World, Unite And Pirate Everything I've Ever Written!'

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We've written about the hugely-successful Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho many times before, because he is a great example of an artist embracing piracy as a boon not a bane. So it's great to see him offering his thoughts on SOPA:

I have nothing against people earning money from their books; that’s how I make my living.

But look at what’s happening now. Stop Online Piracy Act (S.O.P.A) may disrupt internet. This is a REAL DANGER, not only for Americans, but for all of us, as the law – if approved – will affect the whole planet.

And how do I feel about this?

As an author, I should be defending ‘intellectual property’, but I’m not.

Pirates of the world, unite and pirate everything I’ve ever written!
He then goes on to address two common objections to this attitude: that's he's rich enough to distribute books for free, and that other artists need money to live. To the first, he points out that being rich means he could have stopped writing years ago. He keeps on creating for the same reason that he started when he was unknown and poor: "because it gives me pleasure and gives meaning to my existence." To the second point, he writes:
‘Pirating’ can act as an introduction to an artist’s work. If you like his or her idea, then you will want to have it in your house; a good idea doesn’t need protection.

The rest is either greed or ignorance
Those pushing SOPA and PIPA should read what this world-famous artist writes about piracy -- and maybe even try some of his novels, too. After all, they could not only download them for free, but they could do so without looking hypocritical.

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  1. icon
    AzureSky (profile), 2 May 2012 @ 8:03pm

    Re: Re: Re: Just wondering...

    happens far more then you would think, I have a friend who has bought a bunch of shows like weeds, hung, sparticus, exct after having seen them all thanks to torrents.

    but heres the kicker, hes got relatives who also got to see thanks to him uploading he files to a file hosting/streaming site and letting them watch an episode or 2, full seasons bought at full price thanks to the evils of "piracy"

    much of the music, video and game content I have bought over the past 2 decades has been thanks to being able to try it before i bought it, and what hasnt been was bought due to good word of mouth, much of that due to "piracy"

    most other "pirates" I know are the same way, I got one buddy whos got 8 2tb hdd's in his home server, 4 in his main rig, and at least 2 each as storage drives in the other systems in his home, they all have stuff on them that hes torrented, BUT heres the thing, hes also bought 98% of what hes torrented, the stuff he hasnt bought you either cant buy here, or cant buy at all(old john wayne stuff for example)

    hes downloaded far more then hes bought but, everything hes liked or that his family has liked hes bought legally, many times they keep the torrented files because, lets be honest, they are easier to watch on a computer of over the network via the HTPC then dealing with stupid plastic disks.

    I wasnt sure he was being honest till i spent close to 2 months helping him catalog his stuff and get it into a database(make it easier to keep track of), hes even imported alot of stuff like anime that never got picked up by any us company, ofcorse he keeps the fansubs because, he like myself knows very little Japanese....

    (dude has 3 large floor to celling bookshelves of imported anime thats dedication...)

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