Did DOJ Provoke Anonymous On Purpose?

from the conspiracy-theory-time dept

I've been on record for a while now that I think the strategy of doing DDoS attacks on websites that people don't like is a bad idea, that will lead to backlash. Though, I will admit that I underestimated their effectiveness in some cases. Indeed, even as the Anonymous DDoS attacks on various targets in response to the Megaupload takedown is getting a ton of attention, I'm still convinced it's a bad idea long-term. I should be clear that I understand the response. Also, the response is not a surprise. If we've learned anything over the last few months, it's that large segments of the internet are exceptionally frustrated with attempts to censor speech online -- and when you get that many people frustrated, and then poke them in the eye with a big stick, it's not a surprise that they might react.

Over at News.com, Molly Wood is suggesting that DOJ did this all on purpose -- including the timing of the release -- in order to provoke just such a response. This serves multiple purposes for the government. It gives them the chance to make the (obviously bogus and laughable) argument that the wider protests were done by this same group. But, it also gives DOJ and law enforcement the chance to go even further, and use this as an excuse to crack down online and put people in jail. It also gives a (again, bogus) reason to pass far-reaching cybersecurity legislation. The end result could be a lot worse.

Supporters of these actions may claim that it's the only way to be heard. But I'm not convinced that's true. What happened Wednesday showed that there are ways to be heard without resorting to tactics that can be described as vandalism. I don't think it's fair to call it vandalism -- as I've said that I believe that such actions are a lot more like a digital sit-in. But I'm just not sure it's productive. I'm sure it feels good to vent... but the end result may not be productive at all.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Jan 2012 @ 7:33am

    not saying that what Anonymous re doing is the correct way to go about things but look at what had to be done to get Congress to take notice of the people and the industries outside of the entertainment industries. the law enforcement offices have totally ignored it so, a question is, what has to happen to make them listen as well? in not believing anything the entertainment industries say concerning 'losses', i dont believe that the average US citizen condones rampant 'piracy' but equally i dont think they back the actions that the DoJ, ICE and others are taking either. running roughshod around the world with little or no consideration to peoples rights, country borders or anything else, all in the name of defeating 'file sharing' is not only ridiculous, it is going to end very badly! another question is, will they be so keen, so brave, to go to China, Iran, N. Korea or similar country and act so brazen? i very much doubt it!

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