Microsoft Finally Makes It Official That It Opposes SOPA.... As Written

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Early on, Microsoft was a quiet -- but definite -- supporter of PIPA. When it came to SOPA, however, apparently had concerns... though it never said anything publicly, until now. On the eve of mass blackouts and protests, Microsoft has released a weak statement about how it opposes the bill "as written," which is somewhat meaningless, given that the bill is about to undergo a revision any way. Notice, too, that they only say SOPA... and not PIPA? Is it really that hard for Microsoft to realize that the whole concept behind these bills is broken? Or is Microsoft just confirming for us that it's past the "innovation" stage of its lifespan, and now moved on to the death spiral of "protecting the way things used to be?"

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  1. identicon
    Dave, 18 Jan 2012 @ 4:39am


    You can't be serious? They definitely earned their keep by developing DOS and Windows, particularly back when Unix was a complete motherbitch to figure out and Linux was just a twinkle in some programmer's eye. Really for the average user the only other option was to buy a mac and deal with a rather closed system involving a mouse with only 1 button.
    Can you imagine that lady in the office with the cutesy puppy calendar trying to learn Unix just to make spreadsheets?
    With office and other products I'd say they've continued to do good things. I don't want to stick up for the monopolistic tactics used against companies, particularly ones like Netscape, but I'm glad that we have somewhat of a standard for office document files, and that isn't some terrible output of a company like Lotus, Real, Adobe, etc. MS just plain makes a better product. Things may be changing with OpenOffice on the scene now but really you can't deny what they have accomplished.

    I also feel like the hardware division has done very well for itself, right up at the top with Logitech, Sony, Apple, etc. Not really setting new standards there yet AFAIK. Wait, .net is a cross platform microcontroller OS. Yep, still innovating. I'm still salty about the new xbox menu though, I really WANT to hate them, but you can't deny what they've done.

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