Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Don't Want To Let Canada Into Secret TPP Negotiations Until Canada Passes More Bad Laws

from the crazy-town dept

We've discussed, at length, the ridiculousness of the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- the international trade agreement that is the "son of ACTA" and seeks to push through (in secret, of course) plenty of the things that were cut out of ACTA. It's a horrible agreement, which is still being negotiated in secret. Apparently, Canada recently sought to join the conversation of the TPP... but the US legacy entertainment industry lobbyists are trying to deny Canada's entry into the discussions (even though most other participants welcome Canada), until Canada goes even further to pass draconian copyright laws, as prescribed by Hollywood.
The IIPA, which represents the major movie, music, and software lobby associations, points to copyright reform and new border measures as evidence of the need for Canadian reforms and states "we urge the U.S. government to use Canada’s expression of interest in the TPP negotiations as an opportunity to resolve these longstanding concerns about IPR standards and enforcement."
In other words, don't let Canada join, unless it passes these horrible laws we've been demanding for years, and which the Canadian public is clearly against. If I were in the Canadian government, it seems like this is a pretty good reason to say "good riddance"... or, hell, maybe even to cut back on ridiculous copyright laws to something more reasonable, just to show that it can be done... and then to watch the industry in Canada thrive.

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    Logan2057 (profile), 17 Jan 2012 @ 7:54am

    Entertainment Industry should be told to get lost

    I'm a proud Canadian and I, for one, am sick, sore and tired of Hollywood and their constant interference in politics in both the U.S. and world matters. If our P.M. had any stones he'd tell them to take a good long walk into an active volcano.
    I know if I was Prime Minister I'd be doing my damnedest to get those fools out of the political ring altogether. They have NO RIGHT to try and dictate what the rest of the world does and yet they threaten sanctions if you don't bow and scrape. Well, mayhap it's time for the rest of the world to sanction them. Every other country should just say "See Ya" and block U.S. imports for a year, then give them the ultimatum that if they didn't want to play nice with the rest of the planet they'd continue to be locked out of the global playground.

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