It's Official: Wikipedia To Go Dark On Wednesday

from the pipa-protests dept

Last week, we noted that Jimmy Wales was in favor of a blacking out Wikipedia on Wednesday in protest of PIPA, joining with Reddit and lots of other sites, but that the community need to weigh in quickly. It appears they've now done so, as Wales is telling students to do their homework early, because the site is a goner for Wednesday: In fact, it appears they're going even further than Reddit, who is going down for 12 hours. All English-language pages on Wikipedia will go dark for 24 hours -- starting at midnight DC time on Wednesday. For what it's worth, I've been told by multiple Congressional staffers that Wikipedia is a tool they all rely on pretty much every day -- so expect this to get some attention. The site will also be replaced with an action alert, asking people to call and write Congress -- and Jimmy says his goal is to "melt the phone lines." Considering how much usage Wikipedia gets, that's entirely possible.

This is a big move, and it's great to see Jimmy and the community willing to take a stand like this. Jimmy is also tweeting up a storm about why this is so important. He's also responding to false claims that the bills are "dead," by noting that SOPA (1) may rise again and (2) that PIPA is still alive and well.

Either way, come Wednesday, I'm curious if Congress is still going to be claiming that it's just a "small minority" of people who dislike these bills.

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    Violated (profile), 16 Jan 2012 @ 2:53pm

    Heroes and Chickens

    Nice to hear the official word.

    I discovered the poll results earlier by accident while checking through who joined this SOPA/PIPA blackout and who did not. It was a very close tie between full site blackout and a top banner announcement but I was glad to spot a full English language blackout.

    I did not spot their part about 24 hour blackout when I only noticed the approval for the 18th.

    Well this is sure a great start in giving them a day they will never forget. I have already been going around asking sites like FaceBook to join this strike. I joke this could make good "nuclear blackout" recovery testing for their employees.

    Wikipedia is a very big site but you have to wonder if Mark Zuckerberg really has "balls" big enough to take out his FaceBook creation? Scared are we? Chicken? Recovery possible? We shall see.

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