Righthaven CEO, Plus Two Former Righthaven Lawyers, Being Investigated By Nevada State Bar

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It appears that the Nevada State Bar has decided that some of the complaints against Righthaven that were filed over the past couple of years are worthy of a more detailed investigation. The bar has initiated an inquiry against Righthaven CEO Steve Gibson, as well as two of Righthaven's former lawyers, specifically regarding Righthaven. According to Vegas Inc.:
Phil Pattee, assistant Bar counsel, said the agency couldn’t disclose the nature of the grievances against the attorneys or whether they relate to complaints from outside parties or the Bar’s own review of the Righthaven cases or both. But he confirmed the grievances relate to the attorneys’ work for Righthaven.

“We’ll be asking them about Righthaven,” he said.
One other interesting tidbit in the article: apparently Gibson has a new job -- back to working as a lawyer, now in the Las Vegas office of Detroit-based law firm, Dickinson Wright.

Gibson, not surprisingly, is outwardly confident that this inquiry is not a big deal:
“I will be responding to the informational requests of the Bar and believe that after such responses and clarifications, the matter will be properly addressed. Miss Lowry indicates her concurrence,” Gibson said Thursday.
Of course, this is the same Steve Gibson who insisted that the courts believed in Righthaven and believed the company was "genuine," but were just pushing back to "give some guidance" for Righthaven competitors. Of course, in both cases he may turn out to be right. It's just that the "matter may be properly addressed" in a manner that Gibson does not like. And, as for "guidance," it appears that the guidance the courts were giving Righthaven competitors could be summed up as "don't do anything that Righthaven has been doing."

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  1. identicon
    Cookoo, 16 Jan 2012 @ 2:18am

    So the Righthaven CEO and two Righthaven Lawyers walk into a bar...

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