Righthaven Actually Shows Up In Court, Whines About 'Scorched Earth' Attacks Against It

from the can-we-define-irony? dept

Righthaven became famous for being one of the first copyright holders to go after alleged online infringement... by suing first, without ever sending any sort of takedown notice. That, alone, raised some questions about Righthaven's tactics. The company also -- for no clear reason -- demanded not just payment, but also that sites turn over their own domain names. It was this level of intimidation (via the legal system) that caused many sites to simply settle, rather than pay to fight it. If ever there was a company guilty of using overly aggressive litigation techniques, it would be Righthaven. And yet... in a rather ironic move, the company is now complaining about the tactics used against it by lawyer Marc Randazza, who has been relentless in pursuing the attorney's fees that the court has ordered Righthaven to pay.

Though, yes, this does mean that Righthaven's lawyer, Shawn Mangano, actually showed up in court this time. Righthaven also complained that Randazza's efforts were just to get press attention (well, if Righthaven isn't going to pay them, they might as well get publicity some way...). Either way, the judge issued a protective order blocking anyone from revealing the financial information uncovered during a debtor's examination of Righthaven CEO Steve Gibson and his wife.

Separately, an appeals court rejected Righthaven's attempt to get an injunction to stop Righthaven assets from being auctioned off... It seems like another bad day for those supporting Righthaven.

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    Ben Acel (profile), 13 Jan 2012 @ 8:43am

    A new documentary beinjg released exposes Righthaven backers

    and to Top it off one of the Righthaven defendants has started a documentary that talks briefly about Righthaven and their fascist gag order settlement agreement taking away Brian's freedom of speech. It even explains how Righthaven LLC is a proxy company for the big media networks.

    It's 50 minutes into the documentary and the settlement part is talked about right towards the end of the 2 hour film titled, America: From the Road of Freedom to the Streets of Fascism.


    I heard from USWGO that westword will put out a entry soon about this documentary but it's hard to know when exactly they will write an article about this.

    Righthaven is now being put in a documentary and pretty soon maybe Marc Randazza will start a short series talking about Righthaven like on the history channel titled 'The History of Righthaven'. Lol!

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