Hollywood Union Members Sign Petition Asking MPAA & Hollywood Unions To Stop Supporting PIPA/SOPA

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The opposition to SOPA and PIPA continues to come from all sorts of places. The latest interesting one? Union members who work on movies and TV... whose bosses signed them up as supporters of SOPA and PIPA against their wishes. They've put together a petition urging the MPAA, IATSE, IBT, WGA, SAG, DGA, and AFTRA to formally oppose both SOPA and PIPA, noting that it would be a barrier to innovation that Hollywood desperately needs, wouldn't actually stop infringement, and would also be an online security nightmare. The groups listed in the petition are basically all of the groups that have been major supporters of the bill, but as some of the signatories note, they want no part of this. Just a few examples:
I'm a proud Local One and USA829 member, and am appalled to find my union supporting this act. While I agree that piracy is bad, this act is ill-designed by legislators with no clue how the internet works, and guided by greedy corporations who have ulterior motives, and who have a track record of abusing the DMCA the same way they'll abuse this.

It will do nothing to stop it, will give unfettered power prone to abuse to corporations who don't deserve it, will short circuit due process, and will have huge unintended negative effects on the internet as a whole.
And, another one from a studio grip:
Proud Local 80 Motion Picture Studio Grip and I'm signing because these bills go too far. I'd like to think that IATSE is just trying to do what's best for its members. But, I think once they dig past the surface they will see the same thing I did. And that is that these bills need to be quashed. We need another way to deal with piracy.
Once again, for all the talk of widespread "support" of SOPA and PIPA, it seems to be crumbling in every direction, including from within the groups who have acted as if these bills were absolutely necessary.

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    PaulT (profile), 3 Jan 2012 @ 1:55pm


    Ultimately, it's about control. Over the last few decades, some of the content industries have gotten used to controlling both the supply and demand sides of business. For example, the RIAA essentially controlled the radio (Clear Channel), the distribution (supermarkets, major record chains), advertising (MTV) and other important areas of the music business and ancillary markets. This has started to collapse due to the internet. People no longer have to buy when, where and how the industry dictates, and that has led to a major disruption in their business.

    Rather than adapt to the modern marketplace, they simply want to regain the control they had 30 years ago. This is impossible without destroying the very channels through which consumers have discovered not only new music, but more control themselves over the way in which they consume music. Of course, whereas the ACs here would claim that this is due purely to piracy, there are hundreds of factors ranging from unbundling to good old fashioned competition from rival markets at fault.

    At this point, it's pretty much do or die. Turning the giant tanker that is the RIAA on to the correct course may take too long to save it at this point in time. So, rather than adapt to the last couple of decades of progress, they seek to destroy it. If the internet no longer exists in its current form, maybe people will return to buying lucrative rip-off bundles than exercising their own rights. Maybe.

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