US House Of Representatives... Is A Rogue Site?

from the wouldn't-you-know-it? dept

As the US House of Representatives continues to push for SOPA to help go after foreign "pirates," it appears that some folks at home were doing their own "research," in a way. TorrentFreak, using the tool, have matched up the IP addresses owned by the US House of Representatives, and noticed that they're downloading plenty of material that's likely to be infringing. There are a lot of books, but also software like Microsoft Windows, and even some porn.
Of course, there are lots of people who work at the House of Representatives, and there is free WiFi for guests. But, chances are that, like pretty much everywhere else, sometimes people just think it's easier to get the content they want through file sharing. And some of those people work in Congress.

So when do we get to see the House of Representatives get listed as a "rogue site"?

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    Violated (profile), 28 Dec 2011 @ 12:40am

    Guilty by Default

    The replies here sum up the situation.

    Say if this evidence wax only 60% accurate then the other 40% means you cannot accuse them. It does however make you suspect the House is full of infringers. They are bound to check.

    They would of course reply "we did not do it" which is the same as many other people said. The only difference was their defence was ignored and they got the large fine.

    Governments using 3-strike laws do like to say that being hacked is not an excuse when a person is responsible for securing their own system. An expert hacker outranking a computer newbie is ignored and this is why hackers like to point out the hypercritical nature of this belief by hacking this Government scheme. Hadopi was compromised three times so far and one of those wax serious.

    So it is a fair story. Their number came up and they are guilty with all the flaws ignored. Their denial is then laughable in an ironic... yes we knew that as well.

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