GoDaddy Says It Doesn't Support PIPA Either, As Domains Keep Transferring Away

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After GoDaddy made its very public announcement that it no longer supports SOPA, after being a very vocal supporter (despite the fact that it almost certainly violated the original version of the law), many have doubted the sincerity of the company, especially since it confined its remarks to SOPA. So after getting some more pressure, the company put out a separate clarifying statement that it doesn't support PIPA (PROTECT IP) either.

Still, there are plenty of people who don't buy it. It didn't help that the company's new CEO (though he's been at the company in other roles for a while) gave a really weak answer, when pressed on the company's level of support, suggesting that it may have just stepped back from publicly supporting the bills, but hasn't actually switched its full position:
Adelman couldn’t commit to changing its position on the record in Congress when asked about that, but said “I’ll take that back to our legislative guys, but I agree that’s an important step.” But when pressed, he said “We’re going to step back and let others take leadership roles.” He felt that the public statement removing their support would be sufficient for now, though further steps would be considered.
Either way, it appears people keep on transferring domains. Before the talk of a boycott happened on Thursday, it looked like GoDaddy was losing about 13,000 to 15,000 domains a day anyway. Then, on Friday, when people started transferring en masse, it jumped to 21,054. On Christmas Day, it looks like another 22,542 transferred out, so it doesn't look like people are all that mollified by the public change in position. Another 26,032 were "deleted," according to DailyChanges. And, remember, the "official" day that people had talked about for everyone to transfer their domains wasn't until Thursday, December 29th, so all of this was happening before the "big day." Who knows if the statements are enough to calm people down. For what it's worth, plenty of people are still registering new domains with GoDaddy and transferring them in, but the transfers out and deletions definitely outweigh the new registrations and transfers in. It was definitely enough activity to make GoDaddy realize it was going to be in trouble if it didn't change its position.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 27 Dec 2011 @ 2:27pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "Would you post the same post you just did if I told you that I would take away half your pay? Would you do it if I told you that your business would be shut down?

    Chilling effects come in many forms. Disagreeing with Go Daddy's opinion is one thing, punishing them for having the balls to speak out is another thing altogether."

    Yes, I would post the same thing if you said you'd do that, then I'd tell you to go f*ck yourself while you're at it. Luckily, I don't work for you. Most of my employers (I have multiple jobs) have no problem with me voicing my opinion, regardless of whether or not they agree with me. In fact, they actively encourage it. If I have a thought that's different on something (usually work related) they prefer I voice it. No punishment for doing so. Sometimes it works for the better.

    I have my own business too (nothing big, just a small side gig). Same thing. No one can shut it down for voicing my opinion. That and most of my clients are directly referred to me for the services I provide at prices that beat my competition and my amazing guarantee of service. So regardless of my appearance or the things I say, people come to me because I'm good at what I do and charge reasonable prices.

    I have a few simple rules I live by. One of them is "if you don't like me or my appearance or some of the things I say, get f*cking lost if you want, your opinion means jack to me and I'm not going to change who I am, how I look or what I say/think for you or anyone else".

    Either way, they're not being punished. People disagree with them, they're taking their business elsewhere. As is their right as customers. If a boycott is being organized, same thing. People have the right to boycott.

    You guys seem to think saying "let's not give our business to these people" is a bad thing and violating someone's free speech. It's not. As you put it, if I say something and my business gets shut down or gets lowered, that sucks to be me. But there are consequences for the things we do. The same way you may advocate that pirates face their punishments, the same thing applies to speech. You want to same something, be ready to back it up and stand by your position. No one's going to cut you a break. "Oh, boohoo. He may lose business." Psh.

    I can be a man and speak my peace and accept the consequences of my actions. Or I can puss out and bow down to pressure from others. Personally, I'd rather speak my mind and the f*ck with anyone who disagrees. I don't mean, I won't listen to them or hear them in turn, I just mean if you don't like what I have to say that's your problem, not mine.

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