Senator Harry Reid Moves To Approve PROTECT IP And Begin Censoring The Internet

from the people-vs.-hollywood dept

Apparently ignoring the widespread protests about both SOPA and PROTECT IP (PIPA) from the last few months (and the momentum growing against both bills), it was announced over the weekend that Harry Reid is seeking to override the hold on PIPA put forth by Senator Ron Wyden (along with Senators Jerry Moran, Maria Cantwell and Rand Paul) by seeking cloture. This isn't a huge surprise. Last week Senator Reid had informed other Democratic Senators that he intended PROTECT IP to be the first bill he brought to the floor when the Senate returns for business in January. So, now the cloture vote will happen January 24th, 2012 just as the Senate comes back into session. That means there's a little over a month where Hollywood is going to make every effort it can to get Senators over to its side. They need 60 Senators to betray the Constitution and to undermine a decade and a half's work on online security for a plan that won't actually help Hollywood at all. But, with Hollywood flinging money around DC like they're making record revenues at the box office (which... um... they are), they've already got 40 Senators signed on. That means there's a month to make sure 20 other Senators don't betray their country, their economy and the internet.

The really disappointing part in all of this is that these Senators appear to remain totally out of touch to the public opinion on these bills. They simply look at Hollywood, the US Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO and see dollar signs. These groups fund campaigns, and 2012 is an election season. So, might as well try to make them happy. Public will be damned. Of course, the one way to defeat dollars is with voters. The more constituents who reach out and call their Senators, or (better yet) go and visit them and explain how this bill is a disaster that undermines everything America stands for, the better. So, start calling...

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    Rikuo (profile), 19 Dec 2011 @ 7:57am

    I'm a guy with spare change in my pocket and a lust for wandering. I want to travel and see the world. I look at far away places and wonder. Hmm, perhaps I'll visit Thailand...sorry, I'm a rather sarcastic kind of guy and I just know I would insult the king, landing me in jail.
    How about Saudi no no, terrible idea. If I mention my Christian background, let's just say it wouldn't be the best thing for me. Turkey sounds better...nah, they've blocked Youtube before because of a single video...wait a minute...that sounds familiar.
    Block a whole website because of one video? Hang on, that's SOPA! In Turkey, it was because of a video that "insulted Turkishness". In America, its because "someone didn't buy the DVD". Stupid reasons both, end result the same.
    Other reasons for me not to visit the "land of the free" are the TSA. I want to have a nice plane ride, not be sweating in fear of being sexually assaulted when I get off it. Or of getting on a bus or train and having the same experience. Or if the NDAA passes, of being detained by the US military without charge and without a trial, indefinitely.
    Yes, that's right folks. I hereby officially state that the United States of America is now firmly in the same category as Turkey, Saudia Arabia and China. It has become an authoritarian nation, where the populace lives in fear, where crazy laws are used to justify censorship and unjust imprisonment by the state. I will not be visiting the US while this is true.

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