Details On SOPA/PIPA Alternative Released... With Open Requests For Feedback

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As expected, the effort by Senator Wyden and Rep. Issa to put together an alternative to SOPA/PIPA has now been released. And while we can dig into the specifics in a bit, what may be most interesting is how they've released the text. Unlike the standard "here's a pdf if you can find it," they've put up an entire website, called, which is designed to encourage participation and feedback. Compare that to the backroom dealings behind PIPA and SOPA, where the industry folks helped craft the bill with no input whatsoever from those it would impact most. If only all bills were released this way...

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  1. identicon
    Nick Taylor, 8 Dec 2011 @ 12:17pm

    Something to beware of is thinking we need any new laws at all.

    I've seen used car salesmen try this technique... they offer to buy at an outrageously bad price, and shock the seller into accepting something far worse than they needed to.

    I don't see any evidence that we need "intellectual property" at all. I don't see any evidence that it benefits anyone other than corporations who want to extract monopoly rents, and a tiny, tiny handful of "artists" who are agrandised to the point of dysfunction, and who are then held up as being some kind of norm that we should all expire to...

    ... but really, "IP" isn't for our benefit, it's for corporations - and as it is an logical and physical impossibility, it's going to wind up hurting us.

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