Details On SOPA/PIPA Alternative Released... With Open Requests For Feedback

from the check-it-out dept

As expected, the effort by Senator Wyden and Rep. Issa to put together an alternative to SOPA/PIPA has now been released. And while we can dig into the specifics in a bit, what may be most interesting is how they've released the text. Unlike the standard "here's a pdf if you can find it," they've put up an entire website, called, which is designed to encourage participation and feedback. Compare that to the backroom dealings behind PIPA and SOPA, where the industry folks helped craft the bill with no input whatsoever from those it would impact most. If only all bills were released this way...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 8 Dec 2011 @ 2:24pm

    Re: Re:

    Copyright law only can be applied in a country with sane people, unfortunately there is no such country in the world.

    Corporations benefit by copyright more than they do without it, if they are so powerful why are they afraid of free distribution? It is completely done by faceless people, no names, no money people who make it or brake it the market you are in, that vision of yours may have been true when distribution channels where few and far in between the internet is not like that, it is a billion strong channel of distribution. Try to plagiarize something on the internet and someone will point you to the original and if you are found to be dishonest they will turn on you very quickly specially if you are trying to scam the minor guy, which a system much more preferable than to have the government decide what is or not that people can do.

    Besides Jonathan Coulton should be copied and emulated by others he should have to compete in that market with other musicians who make derivatives of his work, he also should get some credit but that is all, if others are the ones singing and creating a market and attracting fans and making that music heard they deserve all the glory and money, nobody is going to pay $300 dollars to hear Obama sing Jonathan Coulton's music they may pay Madonna for it and she will have to do all the work so why should she pay Jonathan Coulton when he did nothing?

    Is like bubble gum you do yours I do my and we try to sell it, the one who deserve it more will sell it more the other will go out of business. Heck if you are a nice guy I could even hire you because you know how to make good bubble gum but you don't know the rest of the business.

    I don't care if people make millions, I do care when they make millions and try to say only them can make millions and nobody else is allowed.

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