Rupert Murdoch Personally Lobbies Congress For SOPA And PROTECT IP

from the wouldn't-he-just-love-that? dept

Well, well. Apparently dealing with the fallout from the News of the World reporters hacking into phones in the UK isn't keeping Rupert Murdoch busy enough. He showed up in DC last week to make a personal plea to Congress to support SOPA and PIPA and censor the internet. It's been clear for quite some time that Rupert Murdoch doesn't get the internet. His history is littered with massive and expensive internet failures. So it's no surprise that he's lobbying hard for a law like SOPA and PIPA, which will restrict up and coming online competitors and help clear out some of the field so that maybe he and his son James can finally get their wish to turn the internet into something that looks a lot more like TV: with the big media conglomerates delivering the content, and everyone else just consuming (and paying for) it.

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    Kevin H (profile), 12 Dec 2011 @ 8:23am

    Re: And Google has failed at times too! It's called experiment.

    Google has lost money on a number of projects, but so has any other company that tries to be innovative. When working in R&D there really isn't anything that is a clear cut failure. You have now learned one more way in which your goal cannot be acheived. The only ones who would call that a failure are execs who care nothing about what a success may mean, and are only interested in dollars spent.

    Google and Facebook are living proof that advertising on the internet can be wildly successful. Where Rupert and other legacy companies got is wrong is that they tried to treat it like they do TV. Its not TV, and there continued push to make it one will hopefully be doomed to failure. Having them tell us HOW we get our content will not be tolerated. We are the consumer and we dictate how we want things to be. Not the other way around.

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