by Mike Masnick

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And Now... Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Posts (i.e., Not Just SOPA)

from the crazy-days dept

I recognize that all of the posts today have been about SOPA and the House Judiciary Committee hearings on SOPA. Some of you liked this. Some of you did not. We've never done anything like that before, focusing just on one issue for the entire day, but it is a big issue, one that I feel strongly about, one that I think impacts all of you... and one that there was a lot going on about. We still have plenty more to say about SOPA, and there will still be lots of posts about SOPA (especially as the bill continues through this process), but hopefully we'll be going back to a more balanced schedule, with stories on lots of other topics as well... Thanks for taking part in what has been an exhausting day, but for providing vigorous and interesting discussions and debates on the topic. Also, thanks to those who spoke out. Via the American Censorship Day effort, we've seen reports of over 23,000 emails per hour being sent to Congress, and other reports claiming nearly four phone calls per second going into Congress. Lots of you spoke out to Congress. Let's hope Congress hears.

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    Anonymous Coward, 16 Nov 2011 @ 6:15pm

    Re: HA. "exhausting day", eh?

    Yeah, it's hilarious that today was "exhausting" for him.

    Tilting at windmills and serial lying is hard work, isn't it Masnick?

    Today was a breeze for me, as I'm on the right side of the issue, and will soon have the redress I should have had years ago.

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