November 16th: American Censorship Day; Don't Let Congress Censor The Internet

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On November 16th, the House of Representatives will be holding hearings on SOPA, its bill to put in place all sorts of restrictions and regulations on the internet, at the behest of the big Hollywood studios, who have failed to adapt. The bill is nothing short of an attempt to censor the internet, creating -- for the first time ever -- the ability for the US government to flat out censor entire websites. The hearings on the 16th are completely stacked in favor of the bill. The sponsors of the bill can't even stand to have a fair hearing and listen to those who are worried about the unintended consequences of the bill.

That's why a bunch of websites have teamed up to declare November 16th: American Censorship Day. If you run a website, please sign up to participate, to help educate your users to the problems associated with the bill, and to urge them to express their concerns to Congress. Don't let Congress build the Great Firewall of America while you sat back and did nothing.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Nov 2011 @ 4:34pm

    Re: Re: Re: Meanwhile, web-wide TRACKING is a far worse threat.

    "I love how you pretend that the only possible way people could be opposed to this is if they were being paid to be opposed to it."

    Mike, how often am I labelled an "industry shill" or "paid shill" on this site? Come on, it's the easiest way to try to tar and feather someone with an opinion you don't agree with. You don't argue points, you just call them a shill and repeat it every time they make a point, valid or not.

    However, the AC does bring up a valid point: Google does appear to be putting a fair bit of money into different organizations, some openly and some much more quietly. The chance of a sock puppet situation is very high.

    Google has a ton of cash, and the ability to both spend it to protect it's interests and aims to be the middleman of everything, and also having the money to finance groups and lure key people to their side. Staff from EFF has ended up in very high positions at Google, and there has always been a good relationship. Does Google help finance them?

    In the end, "American Censorship Day" appears to be a bit of astroturfing the same small number of groups that keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Heck Mike, you are actually quoted on the site. Perhaps you want to be a little more direct about your involvement and personal support for the project - did you have a hand in creating it?

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