Press Goes Nuts Over Bieber Baby, But Ignores Bieber's Concerns With Regulating The Internet

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As pointed out by Harold Feld, it seems pretty messed up that our news media is going absolutely nuts over the story of the potential "Bieber baby," but has all but ignored the story of how the lack of clarity in the proposed SOPA law might mean Justin Bieber would go to jail for his performances of other people's works on YouTube -- something Bieber himself has spoken out against. Let's take a look. A basic Google News search on "bieber baby" turns up... 3,770 news stories:
And then let's do a search on "bieber sopa." For that... we get... a grand total of 15 news stories (including one from Techdirt):
Which story is actually more important? The one in which the government makes massive regulatory changes to the internet that will create felons out of ordinary people? Or the story about a baby that a pop star may or may not have fathered?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 5 Nov 2011 @ 9:48pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    It is one of the area where Mike is a little weak: Understanding that not all laywers agree, and on most issues you can always find a few that will chicken little and say whatever he needs.

    Most lawyers would take a much more "wait and see" approach on something like this. We don't have the finished markup on any of these bills. We don't have the post legislation posting that explains the actually implementation of them (normally published in the gazette before the actually in service date of new laws), and we don't know what the interactions will be between existing copyright law, DMCA, and the new laws, as well as how they touch the 1at amendment rights, etc.

    Rushing off (as EFF has done) to yell "Beiber in jail!" is pretty much chicken little, and shows them off as a group more interested in scare mongering than dealing with the issues are they come. Their staff laywers appear more than willing to issue all sorts of dire warnings, without even waiting to see the final law.

    Mike, there will always be some lawyers that will substantially agree with your point of view. That doesn't make your point of view right, it just makes it a point of view. Give Terry the respect for also having a point of view that is backed up by logic that is at least as sound as your own. It is much more useful than your clear efforts to shout him down.

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