Iran Outlaws VPNs Or Any Other Attempt To Get Around Filters

from the how-nice dept

If you're going to censor the internet, I guess you also have to criminalize attempts to get around the filters. That appears to be what's happened in Iran, where any kind of system to get around the filters, including VPNs, has been criminalized. Iran now gets to join Pakistan in banning VPNs.
“Based on the law, the use of VPNs or other antifiltering software is forbidden and considered a crime,”
Amusingly, the reasoning given is that VPNs are part of a "soft war" from Western countries, and blocking them is a way to "confront" such Western aggression.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 27 Oct 2011 @ 7:51pm

    Re: Re: Re: Selective Enforcement

    Oh, good old selective enforcement has been around in USA for ever. Did you notice the world's largest financial fraud happening in 2008? Then the poor old US taxpayer picks up the tab? All sorts of flagrantly illegal fraudulent stuff happened. Yet none of the real bad guys went to jail for it. There should be hundreds of them in jail for long stretches. Did that happen? Nope, courtesy the magic of selective enforcement.

    There should be desperate attempts to recover the money. Is that happening? Nope, selective enforcement again.

    There should be a huge on-going public discussion. Did that happen? Not officially, but the "occupy" movements are just starting the discussion now. Any sign of the politicians having any sympathy for the ordinary people? What do you think?

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