Universal Backs Away From Planned $60 VOD Release Of Tower Heist

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It was barely a week ago when we reported that Universal was planning to test a $60 Video On Demand release of Tower Heist only 3 weeks after the theatrical release of the film. In that report, we noted that theater owners were threatening to boycott the film if Universal went ahead with its plans. We now learn that Universal has given into the demands of theater owners and will be putting off its early VOD release of this film. This is not all too surprising as Universal would not want to damage its relationships with theater owners. However, Universal still plans to go forward in the future with this plan as soon as it finds a mutually beneficial deal with theater owners. Nowhere, however, is there any indication that Universal is seeking a plan that is mutually beneficial to consumers.

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    CheMonro (profile), 15 Oct 2011 @ 2:34am

    Seagate just released this hard drive that holds 3Tb of storage and outputs directly to your TV. I got to thinking: That thing could hold every movie ever made that I'm interested in seeing. And the two or three new movies a year that I would want to see... I could pay to see them at a cinema or rent them on DVD when they come out.

    http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/13/seagate-goflex-cinema-puts-up-to-3tb-of-media-files-at-your-t vs/

    That could mean my movie collection could be like my music collection: Something that's always there, which I update every now and again when I hear something compelling. Which isn't very often.

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