Everything Is A Remix: The Matrix Edition

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We've discussed, a few times now, Kirby Ferguson's interesting Everything Is A Remix project. He's now posted a new video... which isn't technically a part of the series, but was made by Rob G. Wilson to highlight a variety of things in the movie The Matrix that appear quite similar to works in other movies:
What's especially neat is that nearly all of these examples were apparently crowdsourced by fans of the project.

Of course, I'm sure some will point out that these are "inspirations" for The Matrix. And some may be accidental or aren't really copies at all. But I believe that's missing the larger point. Clearly The Matrix was inspired by a number of other works, whether or not all of these things were accurate. What the Wachowskis did with The Matrix was to take all those different influences and pull them together in a very compelling way with a very compelling storyline -- something I believe the Wachowskis are quite happy to admit. This is the very nature of storytelling. You build on the works of others. Everyone does it all the time.

In fact (rather amusingly), comic artist Grant Morrison, whose comic The Invisibles has been mentioned as an inspiration for The Matrix was once asked about how he felt about the Wachowskis building off of his work, and his response was that "they should have kept on stealing from me" in making the sequels, so that the sequels wouldn't have been so "incomprehensible."

The fear here is about overaggressive laws that block out this ability to be inspired and to pay homage. As we've clearly seen, time and time again, there are lots of people who seem to think it's infringement to pay homage to the works of someone else. It's ridiculous and shortsighted, but some courts agree, and the problem may only become worse.

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    Anonymous Coward, 9 Oct 2011 @ 2:19pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Woo Ping Yuen

    It was joke!

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