GEMA Strikes Again: Demands Licensing Fees For Music It Has No Rights To

from the copyfraud dept

What is it that we often hear from supporters of stricter copyright laws? Oh yeah... it's something along the lines of "no one should be able to profit off the work of someone else without the proper rights." So I'm curious if those folks will equally condemn German collection society GEMA for trying to collect licensing fees for some music that was released under a Creative Commons license and by artists who are not currently GEMA members (some left in disgust).

This isn't new, of course. Two and a half years ago, we wrote about GEMA refusing to recognize Creative Commons licenses from Jamendo, and insisting that people still had to pay them. Similarly, in this case, even after it's been pointed out to them that the tracks were not under GEMA's purview, the organization insisted that the artists probably just "forgot to register the tracks," and asked the producers of the album to provide more proof that the songs weren't covered. Talk about entitlement.

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  1. identicon
    out_of_the_blue, 10 Oct 2011 @ 8:51am

    Re: Re: Mike, will you equally condemn freetards for taking music itself?

    @ "aguywhoneedstenbucks": "I thought if he kept posting stories like this you would go away. When will that be happening?"

    When I choose. Right now, it's regulars who are leaving or posting less.

    It's not me or those who disagree with Mike who cause them to drift away, it's that Mike's views are neither weighty nor consistent nor workable in practice. In fact, he has little except complaints and ranting. We are still waiting in his "can't compete with free" piece for exactly how he recovers "sunk (or fixed) costs".

    Meanwhile, the "copyright maximalists" are moving right along. I wish they weren't, and I advocate, in brief, tax 'em out of existence. It's the only effective tool against moneyed interests.

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