France Continues Mass Processing Of Infringement Accusations: 60 People Get Third Strike Notice... 650,000 Get First Strike

from the crimininalizing-an-entire-country dept

The latest stats coming out of France's HADOPI "three strikes" (really three accusations) policy are really quite stunning. Most of the focus is on the fact that 60 ISP account holders have received their third strike, and now await to see if they'll be fined and/or kicked off the internet without ever having actually been convicted of copyright infringement. But, to me, the much more interesting numbers are the first and second strike numbers. An astounding 650,000 people have received "first strike" notices, with 44,000 of those receiving a second strike as well. Those are huge numbers. It makes you wonder, at what point do those in power begin to recognize that if so many people are engaging in this, there must be some sort of better solution.

The entertainment industry loves to call infringement "theft," but I don't think anyone would argue that 650,000 people are running around France stealing things out of stores. And that's because people inherently recognize that there's a massive difference between stealing a physical product, such that there's one less of it, and listening to a song that they like, where nothing is removed for anyone else. When a huge percentage of your population is accused of breaking the law, the problem is not with the people... but with the law.

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    out_of_the_blue, 5 Oct 2011 @ 10:52am

    Are you petty censors still trying this childish "flag" crap?

    There's absolutely nothing objectionable about this:
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    Anonymous Coward, Oct 5th, 2011 @ 8:49am

    France has the right idea but they aren't taking it far enough. Theft cannot go unpunished. I don't know why you don't see that if something doesn't belong to you and you take it without any permission then it is theft. You're just a snotty, entitled freetard who thinks the world was created for you.

    France has taken a HUGE step towards taming the internet wild west. Soon there will be 650,000 seeding torrents and uploading infringing content. That will put quite a damper on your community. The party is over, Mike. You, the Tims, and most of the other people on this site are going to realize that someday soon, and I hope it isn't too late to save you from jail time.

    Rest of you: since they won't, I suggest those of us who actually believe in free speech just copy and paste these as often as necessary.

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