What Does Japan Need To Do To Deal With The Aftermath Of The Devastating Earthquake? Apparently Pass ACTA!

from the say-what-now? dept

This past weekend, as you know, Japan held a signing ceremony for ACTA. While that's already been covered, the folks at StopACTANow pointed out something really bizarre in the Japanese announcement concerning the signing ceremony. It lists out five points. The first four are all more or less understandable via paraphasing: (1) there's a signing ceremony in Japan (2) ACTA was kicked off by suggestions from Japan, and driven by the US (3) a bunch of other countries participated and (4) all of the participants will be at the signing, and those who are ready to sign, will. But the bizarre thing is the fifth point, which reads as follows:
On the preceding day, Friday, September 30, an international symposium entitled, “Global Intellectual Property Strategy and the Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake: Eliminating Counterfeit and Pirated Products through ACTA”, will be held in Sendai as a side event of the signing ceremony.
By now this has already happened, and we haven't seen any info about it, but, seriously? What does the Great East Japan Earthquake have to do with intellectual property at all? And is Japan really suggesting that ACTA plays some sort of role in rebuilding Japan? Perhaps ACTA supporters and their efforts to keep any outside influence away from the negotiators has gone to their head, such that they think they can say any insane thing and people won't notice.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 4 Oct 2011 @ 7:13am

    Re: Re: Re:

    Are you sure you understand what FUD means because it would apply much more aptly to a crass attempt to tie real devastation caused by a natural disaster to the ACTA than it would apply to pointing out how insane that is regardless of if you are for or against the ACTA. But please go on, never admit mistakes. Brush off this massive faux pas as if only the people who notice it are the desperate ones. It's doing wonders for your credibility, and the industry you appear to be defending. Unless this is all just an elaborate troll to convince everyone to remain entrenched against an increasingly out-of-touch content industry in which case: well done!

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